Free Printable Easter Cards

Ahh, spring.. the time of renewal, flowers blooming, the Easter bunny bringing chocolate and painted eggs... and a great time to send a cute greeting card to make friends and family smile!

These are super simple to create, just print them out, cut out the shape of the card and fold in half. To make it easier, I've made these greeting cards (and all the printables on this site) print in normal portrait orientation, so you may have to tilt your head to see some of the pictures a bit better but you won't have to fiddle with that setting on your printer. ;)

There is one little thing though, depending on your printer, settings etc. you may have to adjust your margins so that the images don't get cropped off during printing, so just take a peek at the final preview to make sure everything is fitting in nicely.

Baby Chick
Two Bunnies
Sprint Easter Scene
Painted Eggs
Retro 1950s inspired Easter card
Colorful Easter chicks
Lamb with a Pastel Painted Egg
Easter Egg Train Card

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