Printable Easter Gift Bags

Print out a few (or one) of these bags a fun, more personalized way to hand out the traditional Easter goodies of to store your Easter craft project supplies!

Since these may be holding somewhat heavy items (some of those chocolate rabbits and other Easter treats are rather hefty!) you may need to print these onto heavier paper than usual to be sure the bottom of the bag stays intact. If you're using these for lighter gifts, then regular printer paper may be fine.

To get these printables fitting properly on the printed page (and not get part cut off), you'll need to adjust your printer margin settings. Please note that you will need to print each one twice for a finished gift bag. One for the front and another copy for the back.

Some people have emailed saying that they are more successful printing out the larger printables (like these) when they download them and print from Windows Image and Fax Viewer or Mac's Preview app.

Here's the instructions for putting these gift bags together after you've printed them. (Don't worry, it's easier than it looks at first.)

Retro 1950s Style Easter Bag
Easter Chicks
Cartoon Bunny
Vintage style
Teddy Bear
Easter Train

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