Shopping List With Budget

I made this one because I need to stick to a budget and keep track of spending, but I still want to have a nice looking list that makes me feel great while shopping and is pretty to look at hanging on the fridge or pin board. Since budgeting happens in all areas in life, this one is "all purpose" so it's great for groceries, arts and craft supplies, home repair, party planning or, well... anything.

As you can see there are check-boxes to help keep track of inventory, columns for the items that need to be bought and how many of each, as well as space for the prices and a column for tallying up the total cost. There's also plenty of space for notes which are handy as a reminders of any coupons you've clipped, sales items or even for menu planning.

There aren't any instructions for this other than I'd really recommend printing from the PDF inside the download. The PDF prints out onto a full-sized piece of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) so it's very useful to keep in your records (either in a binder or folder) to keep track of past spending. It also looks so much prettier than the version printed by your browser. ;)

Printable Shopping List With Budget Planner