Free Printable Gift Boxes

This is a brand new section I've been working on, I hope you like them! The instructions are on each page as well as on the print out and they're quite easy to make.

These little boxes are great for small gifts, party favors or even as little storage boxes. They're all very easy to make, all you have to do is print them, cut out the shape and glue it together. If you're looking for a simple craft project with the kids, these might work well.

Romantic Gift Boxes

Free printable box templates with a romantic theme. Each little box is perfect for Valentines candies, party favors or as small gifts for loved ones.

Easter Boxes

Cute little boxes that can hold some Easter candy and chocolate eggs, perhaps to give out to kids after the egg hunt.

Birthday Party Favor Boxes

If you're planning a birthday party and want to give the guests a thank you gift these little boxes might be just what you're looking for. They're also nice as gift box for small presents.

All Purpose

These pretty little boxes have many uses including as party favor boxes, to place little gifts inside, storing small trinkets or even as little decorative storage spots for the random odds and ends we all seem to end up with.

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