Free Printable Gift Tags

Have your presents all wrapped and need a tag to label who it's for? Don't bother running to the stores, save time and money by printing gift tags with your own printer. You get stylish tags and you'll never have to worry about running out!

Special Occasions


Surprise your friends and family with these unique gift tags on their birthday presents.

Baby Shower & New Parents

Cute printable gift tags for both baby showers and for labeling gifts to give the proud new parents after the baby is born.

For Homemade Gifts

For those times when you've made personal, handmade presents and want a nice tag. There's a variety of types, including for baked goods, crafts, drawings and more.

All Occasion

General, all-occasion printable gift tags for those times you want to surprise someone with a "Just Because" present. These can also work well for other holidays and special occasions.


Christmas Gift Tags

Almost all of us go through the same thing every year at the Holiday Season. We shop, and shop .. and shop some more. So take a break from it all and print your own gift tags for your Holiday presents this year.

Valentine's Day

Express your love with gift tags that are as unique as your sweetheart! Lots of styles to choose from including vintage printables, cute animals and bubbly hearts.

Easter Gift Tags

Most of the labels in this section are in soft pastel colors that are traditionally used for sprint time. As you'd expect, there's images of cute bunnies, baby chicks and brightly colored eggs on these tags.

Mother's Day

Here are a few unique (and some very cute) gift tags to show our moms know how much we appreciate them for all they do for their family throughout the year.

Halloween Gift Tags

These are great for labeling Halloween party favor bags and special treats. Kids and adults will enjoy the adorable images of monsters, ghosts and carved pumpkins.

New Stuff