Cute Printable Easter Gift Tags

Spring is finally in the air and with that comes Easter weekend and it's promise of delicious chocolate bunnies, baskets of treats and beautiful bouquets of flowers. With all this gift giving you'll probably need some pretty labels... well then you're in the right place. ;-)

These can all be printed online (the fastest option) or downloaded and printed offline (better quality). With some of them, depending on your printer brand and setting, you may have to adjust your margins so the labels don't get cropped off, so please take a look at your print preview to see how the final page will look.

With the first four I've left off the "To:" and "From:" so they can be used as gift tags, place cards for Easter dinner, name tags or well, lots of things... They're quite versatile. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!

Easter Bunny Girl
Easter Bunny Boy
Painted Eggs
Spring Flowers
Combo Pack, Set 1
Gift label with painted eggs
Pastel Easter Tag
Retro Style Image on an Easter Tag
Ms. Easter Rabbit
Gift Labels with a Baby Chick
Combo Pack, Set 2

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