Pretty, Printable Lace Labels

This set started off when I needed an old fashioned, romantic gift tag but I was having so much fun it quickly became a complete set. To keep them as flexible as possible I skipped the usual "To" and "From" so these beautiful lace labels can be used as gift tags, glued to a jar of home-made treats or to list the contents of knick-knack containers to help keep small items organized.

For the crispest prints, download and print the PDF at 100% zoom on 8.5" x 11" paper. Heavier card-stock will work best if you decide to use these as present labels, for other things regular weight paper might be better, it really depends how you decide to use them.

Since the shape is quite detailed, cutting them out may be a bit tricky so be sure to use a sharp pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife. I left a little bit of a border around (a millimeters or 2) when I was cutting them out since it helped hide any trimming accidents and the end result was really delicate and feminine!

Pretty, Printable Lace Labels - Preview