Free Printable Calendars

Free calendars that you can print right off you own printer, available by week, month and the full year, as well as a few blank templates that you can fill in as needed.

Day Planners

With everyone's life getting busier and busier, most of us need a detailed schedule to keep track of appointments and other stuff we need to fit into the day. These printable day planners / appointment book pages have hourly space slots starting at 8 in the morning up to 9:30 at night. If you need more space there's also a spot for notes.

Weekly Calendars

These ones show your entire week in one convenient page, with each day having plenty of space for you to pencil in your daily events, appointments and other things you need to remember in your busy life. There's also a space for notes on each sheet. (Yeah, I know, the thumbnail shows the word daily.. trust me, these are for the entire week.)

Monthly Calendar Templates

These templates can be very handy if you just need a planner for a few months. To use them, print them out, then fill in the blank details (dates and the month) then fill it up with all your special events, daily tasks and other important dates you don't want to forget. There's 6 styles to choose from, so you'll more than likely find one that suits your decor.

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