Printable Birthday Gift Boxes

These cute little boxes are perfect for birthday party favors or small birthday gifts. They're very easy to make simply print, cut out the shape and glue together. These could be a great craft project with kids as well!

The instructions are shown on each printable box and are pretty easy to make. These will work best printed out on full sized (A4) card stock (paper will be a bit too flimsy) and you'll have to set your printer margins to the minimum.

While cutting out the template be sure to notice the fold lines, they won't be on the cut-out so you will need to keep the rest of the paper for reference. Also the cut lines I've marked are faint so that they don't show up on your finished gift / trinket / party favor box but will hopefully be clear enough if you look closely. Also be careful to only cut the folding tab line to the square in the center not past it.

To make the folds nice and neat either use a folding tool from your local craft store or if you don't have one handy I've found a butter knife can work quite well.

Party Balloons and Hat
Birthday Cake
Light Birthday Stars
Bright Birthday Stars
Stars and Swirls
Pastel Birthday Miniature Box

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