Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Know someone with a new baby on the way and plan to throw a baby shower? These invitations all have matching envelopes and inside there's space for you to fill in the details about where and when the party is happening, who's hosting and of course who the new mother to be is!

There are two ways you can print these so it's up to you and your choice of paper. The first, and easiest, way is to print them on regular paper that folds easily and then fold into quarters along the lines.

The second way is to try double side printing (this works best on heavier stock paper). Make use the printer is set to center, then print one side, flip the page over and print again so that you now have 2 invitations. Then cut them out. (Be sure to flip the paper the right direction so that it prints on the back and facing the right direction, my advice is to test it out first using black and white printing settings to save money on the colored ink until you have it mastered.)

If you want matching sets there's printable envelopes in the download. They take a tiny bit more effort (don't worry, it's still really easy and just involves a bit of cutting, folding and glue), so I've written a page with instructions for making printed envelopes.

After that if you want to customize the invitations a bit more you could get creative and add ribbons, glitter or any other decorations you (and the mother to-be) might like.

For best results you may need to adjust your printer to remove the default header and footer text, and adjust print margins.

It's a Girl!
It's a Boy!
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