Sweethearts Valentine Cards Set

Each card has a cute little saying and the downloadable zip files include backs for the cards that you can either leave as-is or write who the valentine is for and from.

I decided that making a set that could be printed out for kids / teens to give to their friends and classmates could be fun. The messages written on the heart of each card was inspired by from Sweethearts candy. :)

I've included a blank template so that you can add your own messages with with your favorite image editor or handwritten inside the heart and you can either print them directly online or download the zip file (recommended) that contains a higher resolution copy and adorable back that can be printed on each page.

If you decide to go all out and print both sides, make sure to center the image for print, then flip the page around and print the other side with the exact same settings.

They are sized so that unless you printer margin is higher than 1 inch you won't need to adjust margins when printing on either US standard paper or International A4. Heavier paper (full size card stock) really works best for these cards and the printer size should be set at 100% (or no resizing depending how your printer words it).

I hope you enjoy them, and have a very happy Valentines day!

Sweetheart Set 1
Sweetheart Set 2
Sweetheart Set 3
Sweetheart - Blank Templates

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